System Administrator Guide

As a System Administrator for a school or business network, additional steps may need to be taken to ensure that students taking the test can properly register and proceed. It is a good idea to go through the registration process to test that everything is working before exam day.

Allowing Emails from Siemens

The most common issue we’ve seen in the past is with registration emails getting caught in an institution’s email filters.

There are two solutions to this:

  1. Whitelist emails from to your users. While they often go through, they may get classified as junk, and without email confirmation users cannot take the certification exams.
  2. Have users register with a non-company email address, such as a personal email.

Allowing Downloads from Siemens

Some questions may require students to download .zip files. These packages would contain part files, assemblies, or other files necessary to answer the question. Be sure that your network allows files from domains, and that students are able to open .zip files.

To open .zip files, we recommend using as the built in Windows tool, the built in MacOS tool, or a third-party tool like 7-Zip.