Solid Edge Certification Exam Guide

Solid Edge Certification Exam Guide

This page will give you, the one taking the certification exam, some guidance into how to best calculate the answers and ensure that you format your answers correctly. Please read it thoroughly before beginning a Certification Exam.

General Guidelines

Below are some general guidelines to note on any test, regardless of type or question.

Before the Exam

Please be sure to complete your entire profile, otherwise your certificate will not render correctly.

During the Exam

Answer Format

Answers are only accepted in integers (whole numbers) without decimal points or measurements.

As an example, let’s say you have calculated 1,138.421 mm as the answer for a test. The following answer would be accepted:

  • 1138

While these answers will be marked incorrect:

  • 1,138.421  – Remove comma and decimal value
  • 1,138 – Remove comma
  • 1138.421 – Remove decimal
  • 1138 mm – Remove unit of measurement

Negative answers cannot be accepted. If your answer is a negative number, please enter it as a positive, so:

  • 94 – Remove negative indicator
  • 94

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in your answer being marked incorrect.


  1. You will see a “Save Progress” button on the right-hand side (under the timer) while taking an exam. This option saves your current answers, but does NOT submit them for grading. Save early and often, such as after each question you complete. This will avoid any potential loss of answers.
  2. You will see a “Complete Exam” button at the bottom of the exam, which will submit your answers for grading. Only complete the exam when all questions have been completed, as this can’t be undone.
  3. You will see a “Start Over (This Will Reset Your Progress)” button at the bottom of the exam. This allows you to re-take the test if you do not pass initially. IT WILL RESET THE QUIZ, AND YOU WILL LOSE ANY PROGRESS AND STORED ANSWERS. You will then see the same certification exam with a new set of questions and will have to start over. There is a confirmation prompt so you won’t accidentally click it.


Some questions will require you to download .zip files, which contain files relevant to that specific question. Be sure that you are able to download .zip files from Siemens on your network (some school and business networks may not allow it) and that you are able to open .zip files.

Test Download

To open .zip files, we recommend using as the built in Windows tool, the built in MacOS tool, or a third-party tool like 7-Zip.

Time Duration

For each exam, you will have a set time limit that will be declared before you begin. A timer will be visible when you are taking the test on the right-hand side. This timer will count down from when you begin the test.

The timer does not stop, even if you leave the page. Be sure that you set aside enough time for the whole exam before you begin.

Once the timer ends, your test will be submitted. Any answers you have saved will be submitted, as well as any with numbers already input that haven’t been saved. We are unable to extend your exam’s time, and cannot give additional time if it has already run out. If you believe you have extenuating circumstances, please contact us with as much detail as possible.

Before taking an exam, you must complete the Name field in your user profile.  If you do not, then your name will not appear properly on your certificate should you successfully pass the exam. The name you enter in your profile is the name that will appear on your certificate.

For questions requesting Volume

  • For modeling questions requesting Volume, first model the part in Solid Edge to the dimensions specified in the question.
  • From the Inspect tab, select the Physical Properties command.
  • Select the Update button on the dialog.
    • If you have not assigned a material you can ignore the warning message.

  • Highlight the whole number that appears in the Volume field and copy to the clipboard with CTRL+C.
    • In this example, just 84113.

  • Use CTL+V to paste that into the Answer field for the volume of that part.
    • DO NOT add commas, decimal points, or units of measure to your answer.

For questions requesting Area

  • For questions requesting Area, sketch the geometry profile shown in the problem.
  • If you created the sketch in the Part environment in synchronous mode, you must be locked onto the sketch plane to activate the Area command on the Inspect tab.
    • If you created the 2D sketch in the Draft environment, the Area command is already active.
  • Click the area you wish to measure.
    • Note the Area value – whole number only.  17699
  • Type in 17699 for your answer.
    • DO NOT add commas, decimal points, or units of measure to your answer.

For questions with Assemblies

  • For questions requiring Assembling parts, you will be asked to download a set of parts in a zip file.
    • Be sure you have internet access and permissions to download a .zip file from the Siemens site.
    • Be sure you have software capable of unzipping a .zip file.
  • Example test question:
Open the Gripper Assembly.asm and finish assembling as shown in the assembly instructions. What is the Z value for Center of Mass?
  • Use the first link to download the Solid Edge Assembly files.
  • Use the second link to download a PDF of the instructions.
  • After assembling the parts, from the Inspect tab, select the Physical Properties command.
  • Copy and paste the Center of Mass Z value whole number into the answer field. (in the example below, 26.95 mm)
  • DO NOT add commas, decimal points, or units of measure to your answer. Answers can only be accepted in integers (whole numbers), so please remove the decimal values or round appropriately.