NX – CAD Design Associate

NX – CAD Design Associate

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The NX CAD Design – Associate Level certification demonstrates core design skills in NX. The holder of this credential has a basic knowledge of the user interface, sketching tools and techniques, part, assembly and drawing creation. NX Certification enhances the competitive edge and reputation of both students and schools and provides an industry recognized credential that both students and educators can use to advance their careers.

Relevant Skills

Basic UI Proficiency

Knowledge of the most important NX commands, how they work, and their locations within their respective environments of the user interface.

2D Sketching Proficiency

The ability to create sketches and to give geometric and dimensional constraints in NX.

Basic 3D Modeling

The ability to create precise 3D models of prismatic and cylindrical parts from multi-view drawings.

Design Editing

Utilizing synchronous modeling to make a design change.

Simple Assembly

The skills and knowledge to locate and assemble multiple NX parts, using different assembly relationships and constraints, to achieve a final design as specified.

Drawing Layouts and Dimensioning

A basic understanding of drawing view types and view layouts in NX. Ability to read standard engineering drawings.


Ability to accurately define design data that conforms to original design intent through measuring.

1 Required Steps

  • Pass the NX CAD Design Associate Exam