NX CAD Design Certification

NX CAD Design Certification is perfect for students and educators who want to demonstrate core design skills in NX. The certification is achieved through an online exam that tests skills and knowledge of the NX software. NX Certification enhances the competitive edge and reputation of both students and schools and provides an industry recognized credential that both students and educators can use to advance their careers.

Why Certify?

An NX Certification provides you with an industry recognized credential that demonstrates proficiency with NX software and validates your core competency skills and knowledge.  Having an NX certification distinguishes you within the NX community, and helps to market your NX skills. The certification exam is offered on the most current version of NX, if you do not have the most current academic version, you can use the free student NX download located on the student software page. Get started today and take your career to new heights. 


First, read the instructions for registering and completing the exam. An NX CAD Design Study Guide & FAQ is conveniently offered online, and free of charge. Check out the NX certification study guide to prepare for the exam. Please note the study guide assumes you have access to Learning Advantage.


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Stay Informed

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NX CAD Design Associate Certification

Certification is for any academic user seeking to demonstrate their knowledge of NX software. Anyone who uses NX in coursework, self-study or student team activities, including students and educators, can benefit from this credential emphasizing skills and knowledge from Siemens Digital Industries Software.